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Studio Bokeh #3
17 January 2014

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27 August 2013

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#4 Male
4 May 2016

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Mixing Board
1 February 2012

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30 January 2012

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Studio Mood 1
29 December 2011

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Halloween Brew
31 October 2011

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Candied Apples
26 September 2011

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Red Bud Leaf
31 July 2011

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Neumann U87 Mic
31 December 2010

Recent Comments

Chetan on Bee Balm
Beautiful closeup.

L'Angevine on Bee Balm
bien les ailes

Don on Bee Balm
A fine picture of the flower and its visitor. I really like the nice red color of the Bee Balm.

Mhelene on Bee Balm
Splendid image !!

B. Thomas on Bee Balm
Nice capture. You got really close.

B. Thomas on Happy 4th of July
So cute!

Elaine Hancock on Bee Balm
Beautiful macro image Ruthie! The flower is gorgeous!

Steve Rice on Bee Balm
It seems to work. ;-) A lovely capture of the bee and flower.

Ruthiebear on Bee Balm
Superb focus and details!

Steven on Bee Balm
Splendid clarity and color captured in this shot!!

Hiro on Bee Balm
Wow, stunning !!

Evelyne Dubos on Happy 4th of July
Cute portrait, perfect to celebrate the day.

L'Angevine on Happy 4th of July

Ruthiebear on Happy 4th of July
Oh SHiloh you are a patriotic beauty! I love this!

Elaine Hancock on Happy 4th of July
This is too cute! He looks wonderful! Happy July 4th Ruthie! I hope you had a great day!

Steven on Happy 4th of July
Shiloh is perfectly decked out here!! Happy Independence Day!

Steve Rice on Happy 4th of July
Spectacular! Happy July 4th.

L'Angevine on Balloon Fest #7
bien ces bleus

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Happy 4th of July
:)) Very appropriate !! Happy July 4th my friend

Curly on Happy 4th of July
Oh ho :-) Just ridiculously cute :-)

Don on Happy 4th of July
A great picture for the fourth. He's a great looking dog in the first place. Have a great day yourself.

Mhelene on Happy 4th of July are incredible !!

Hiro on Happy 4th of July
Happy July 4th ! So cute !

Elaine Hancock on Balloon Fest #7
A fabulous portrait Ruthie! I really like it!

Steven on Balloon Fest #7
Great portrait capture with a good choice for the shallow DoF!! Shallow enough that you can still see the crowd ...

Evelyne Dubos on Balloon Fest #7
Lovely portrait, i like his expression.

AMH on Balloon Fest #7
hmmmmmm me parece que a este muchacho lo conozco . muy buen retrato y adorable música . un abrazo a todos ...

B. Thomas on Balloon Fest #7
Nice shot. I love your balloon series. We got to fly in hot air balloons several times. I would love to go to the big ...

Steve Rice on Balloon Fest #7
Lovely focus and depth.

AMH on Balloon Fest #6
Que emocionante . fantastico fantastico. Me a mi tia que me contaba recuerdahacercaeventosos eventos . Un beso ...

L'Angevine on Balloon Fest #6

Elaine Hancock on Balloon Fest #6
Beautiful color! A fabulous night image!

Steve Rice on Balloon Fest #6
A very dramatic and noisy scene when the burners are blasting.

Ruthiebear on Balloon Fest #6
This is a fabulous image of the fire and balloon

L'Angevine on Balloon Fest #5
belles couleurs

Hiro on Balloon Fest #6
Nice capture, nice report !

Elaine Hancock on Balloon Fest #5
This is just gorgeous! I love the colors against the blue sky!

L'Angevine on Balloon Fest #4

Hiro on Balloon Fest #4
Worth photographing !

Steve Rice on Balloon Fest #4
A cool balloon and photographers in all directions.

Mhelene on Balloon Fest #4
Superb composition with the photographers (or everyone photographing...).

L'Angevine on Balloon Fest #3

Ruthiebear on Balloon Fest #4
I like the inclusion of the photographers in this one

Don on Balloon Fest #4
A great capture of the pretty balloon and of all those photographers getting a picture.

Elaine Hancock on Balloon Fest #3
I like that these balloons all say something. A wonderful image!

Steven on Balloon Fest #3
A very eye-catching balloon made up of these various colorful quilts!!

Steve Rice on Balloon Fest #3
A flying quilt!

Don on Balloon Fest #3
A great picture of this balloon with all the detailed pictures on it. Impresisve picture.

L'Angevine on Balloon Fest #2

Ruthiebear on Balloon Fest #3
I love the children's artwork on this one. I am so glad you captured this close up!!!

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